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The Transformation Challenge is refundable if you meet your goal of losing 20lbs (or 5% body fat, if you qualify) in 6 weeks


Buyer agrees to the following challenge stipulations: 

1) 50% refund available before the start date of the Challenge. No refunds on or after the start date of the Challenge, but account credit may be held for up t0 6 months.
2)  The fee will be returned at end of 6 weeks after a successful body transformation or credited for membership.
3) A successful body transformation entails a loss of >20lbs (starting BMI >28) OR 5% Bodyfat as measured on in-house Omron monitor/as measured on in house scale within 42 days of official weigh-in day captured by facility employee on in-house system.
4) Buyer must attend 3 workouts minimum per week during the 6-week period. Workout is credited only if checked in on Facebook. Buyer must check in on Facebook into facility AT LEAST 18 times during the 6week period to receive refund.
5) Buyer agrees to weighing in weekly in order to increase accountability.
6) Buyer agrees to write an objective review of the facility on Google or Facebook after the 6 week program is over .
7) To be eligible for a refund, buyer must pay off the entirety of the program fee prior to the 5th week of the program. If a payment plan is made, and one or multiple deposits are declined, it is up to the challenger to rectify billing. If the full deposit is not received by week 5 of the program, prior partial deposits are forfeited.